29 May 2008

Cup o' Mistake

Maybe not everyone wants to read this.

Just a few little days ago I thought I'd become acquainted with a heart, body, and wallet bermuda triangle of the blissful sort. As I perused the aisles in search of something healthy and cheap and microwave-at-work friendly, my eyes were pulled to the offensively neon orange sale tag. (So the marketing big shots have discovered that humans instantly and ever look at things they know will be incredibly heinous or incredibly beautiful, huh? Actually I don't think that's in any way a recent thing. They've been getting us with that for years, haven't they. Darn it.)

Neon Orange Screams: Vegetarian soup, 20 oz. can, for $1.33....?!?!?!?!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Puff and smoke I did. I loaded up with 4 cans, and such was my excitement that my brain synapses alloted for reminding about my need for cotton swabs and spray butter went out the automatic sliding doors with the now broke peeps who'd been sitting on their pillows yanking on the slot machines since 9 am (I live in Vegas, may I remind you, the place where you can't swing a dead cat without whacking it into some gambling safety zone).

So I cheerfully consumed.

The next day with the onslaught of problems within, (how do you gain 6 lbs in one night?! And beyond!) I fled to go check the ingredients and nutrition facts. The sodium quantity was in the 4 digit region!!! That's more than soy sauce, the "low sodium" version of which is 400 mg!!!!!!


Never put that in your pipe and smoke it. Never ever ever again.

Soup. A danger of the 21st century. Bleh.

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