30 March 2013


Ok seriously, LOOK at these cheeks.  They surrender willingly to gravity.  Excuse me, I must go nibble.

25 March 2013


- We still haven't quite adjusted to the time change.  And that's probably because I'm trying hard to NOT adjust.  We put Jude to bed 30 minutes later than normal (so at 7:30), and he wakes up at 8ish.  Before Spring Forward he would wake up about 6:30 or 7.  It doesn't quite make sense, but I obviously enjoy the extra snooze time.  For the past few weeks I've been bringing Graham back into bed with us after his last night feeding.  This morning I woke up to Jude calling to me from his crib, Graham snuggled next to me, at 9:00.  Jeff, not wanting to wake us, had slipped out like a handsome attorney thief in the night.  This is not the first time this exact scenario has come to pass.  I don't know how long this will last, but I am loving it.

- I've started running again, this time pushing 90 lbs. of stroller, toddler, car seat, car seat adaptor, and infant.  It is brutal but I can't stop.  By the time breakfast is over, I've nursed Graham, changed diapers, dressed the babies, and we've read a few books, it always ends up sounding like the perfect thing to do.   As long as Jude has snacks, a couple of toy cars, and at some point my phone to play with, he does pretty well.  I'm feeling very lucky to have a great double jogging stroller.  I don't know what I'd do without it.  This is one of those times when a THING is making my life so much easier, whether we're jogging or running an errand and I need Jude to be buckled in.

- Diapers, diapers, everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  A friend told me shortly before G came that when she had her second she just learned to let some things go.  One of them was not stressing if the neighbors stopped by and there were diapers all over the floor.  Now I know how that just happens.  2 kids in diapers, you change them on the floor or in their bedrooms or wherever, and you get sidetracked or don't get up from your spot until 15 minutes later when you have forgotten that there was a diaper there blending in, and then an hour later you spot 3 diapers in random places that all would really probably like to be in the garbage can outside the back door.  I am not excited about potty training Jude, but at least I can assume that when this happens, this problem will diminish.

- Jude officially LOVES Graham.  He will be in the middle of crying because of some very devastating 2 year old tragedy, look over at Graham, and in a split second, snap out of the woe fest, and say, "BABY!" and with a big, gushy smile on his face, lean over him and coo, "Babybabybabybaby" and give him a kiss or two.  All my worry that Jude would hate being a brother was for nothing.  But Graham isn't old enough to steal toys yet, so we'll put a small pin in that.

- Before Jude's nap, ideally I would like to go running, shower, errands, and then meet friends for the park or whatever.  So far I haven't had that work out; one of those things always gets pushed out till after or during Jude's nap.  One day.

- We are not eating treats except for Sundays, birthdays, and holidays.  I want a piece of chocolate right now so bad I could cry.

Other than that we are just partying on.  Things are really, really good.

24 March 2013

New Ears for Juju

On March 8 at 6:30 in the morning, Jeff, Graham and I were yawning and puffy eyed in the waiting room at the Mission Surgical Center.  Jude was trying to overturn side tables and squealing in delight.  It was the morning Jude would get tubes in his ears.

They called us back, and we entered a large prep room with about 8 occupied beds separated by curtains.  The curtains were sort of pointless in the way of privacy; Jeff and I could not help overhearing a man across the room getting ready for a very uncomfortable and awkward procedure.  Jude was still energetic as ever but now we had to keep him in our little bed section which was bugging him.  After giving Jude and I matching hospital bracelets (memories of his birth!), they gave him a cherry red elixir that they said would make him feel like he'd "had a cocktail."  They said we'd want to hold him after he took it because he might fall over.  Jude gulped down the medicine but was still going strong and refused my lap until about 5 minutes later.  He started looking a little wobbly and finally cuddled up next to me.  It was so sweet/hilarious -- he kept looking back at me with this very focused look on his face, like he was trying to see through my eyes straight down to my soul, with this vague smile on his face.  Then he'd snuggle up again.  I could have stayed like that for hours and hours.  Then the anesthesiologist came for him with a warm blanket.  A 1 year old across the room was heading in for the same procedure and her parents left in tears.  I had been worried I'd be a mess and although I was a little sad I felt very sure that this was the best thing for Jude.

It's a super sonic procedure.  15 minutes later we were called back to the recovery wing and my heart sank.  I could hear Jude screaming around the corner.  They had warned us that often toddlers do not react well to the delirium of coming out of anesthesia.  He only wanted me, but beyond that only wanted to scream and thrash and throw his body around, and I almost wasn't strong enough to keep his tank-body on my lap.  It broke my heart.  He was obviously scared by the confusing fog that was stuck on him.  A nurse brought popsicles, we had Lovey Monkey and a sippy of milk for him, he wanted none of it.  After a few minutes I looked at Jeff and said, "How long is this going to last?? This is hell."  After about 10 minutes, he just popped out of it like Mary Poppins' ghost had hovered above and snapped her fingers.  Phew.  And by the time we were in the parking lot with our validated parking stub, he was pointing out every truck he saw.

Our ENT had reported, "He had tons and tons of fluid back there.  He needed this."  He's healed well,  is talking much more (although speech therapy will probably still happen once we get the insurance stuff worked out), and every morning he wakes up high on life and drug free.  He's still a 300% two year old, but I can see a clear, positive difference in his mood.  We see his winning smile much more, which I can understand since ear infections are the WORST, and he had 5 under his belt, the last one lasting over 2 months.

He'll have the tubes in for 2 years max, and until then has to wear ear plugs while bathing or swimming (which he hates).  The only drawback.

I'm so grateful for doctors, medicine, and that we could get my buddy feeling much, much better.

15 March 2013

Feeding the Irvine Ducks

A few Saturdays ago, Jude woke up from his nap and we needed to get out of the house.  I don't remember how we arrived at this idea but we found ourselves at the (fake) lake in Irvine, feeding the ducks with almost-dead bread.  As we sat there chucking grains to the geese and ducks, I realized how perfect an activity this was for this exact day, and with the whole newborn thing we could've easily talked ourselves out of it.  I loved taking the kids to the lake I used to go to to feed the ducks as a wee lassie, Jude was obviously beside himself over the ducks being so close and being encouraged to throw food, and got some wiggles out.

Then we stopped off at McDonalds, popped in to say hi to my parents, and went straight from there to our friend Rodney's bday party.  After that it was home again, home again, jiggety jig for our R&R/Graham Time.  A seriously awesome Saturday afternoon; I'm always grateful for a day that accommodates everyone.

Jude threw some of the bread to ducks, but kept stuffing some of it into his own mouth.  Hence the trip to McDonalds afterward.

Ah, the good old Irvine Lake.

Aggressive geese.

11 March 2013

A Collection of Stories and Facts

- The day before G was born, I was picking up some last minute things at Target.  Jude was doing a pretty good job of staying in the cart, which is like, the worst thing ever to him and his excited personality.  But as we passed an aisle of books, all of a sudden I hear him yell, "TRUCK!" and it was all I could do to barely catch him as he lunged out of the cart at supersonic speed.  He squirmed to the ground and 2 seconds later was sitting on the floor reading a board book about (you guessed it) TRUCKS.  Yes, I bought it.  And he happily looked at it the whole way home andwe read it daily.  It has taken my truck education to a different level; I can now identify a Backhoe Loader like it's nobody's biz.

- Jude picked out his latest pair of shoes and proudly shows them to anyone he passes.  He knows his own mind on matters of footwear.

- Graham is a continual pooper.  Jude was very kind to me and would wait to attend to those matters until he was nursing.  Graham just works on his diaper at all times.  Also Jude goes through a pair of pants and about 2 or 3 shirts a day.  And thus the laundry has exponentially increased in our corner of the world.  It's ok; I don't really hate doing laundry.  Making salads and ironing, those are two domestic things that I hate doing.

- I really relate to this little number right here:

I feel like this is the best of times and the worst of times for Jude.  And for me.  He's like my best buddy and we laugh a lot together, I cover him in kisses, praise his good behavior, and tell him I love him all day.  I know he loves me, but he will be about to do something against "the rules" and I say, "No no, don't do that," and he looks at me with this expression of, "What?  You didn't want me to do....THIS?!" And boom.  Time Out.  Sometimes he then turns his back toward me or covers his eyes like if he can't see me, I can't see him, and can't put him in TO.  I'll just wander the house searching for him and then in the meantime forget he was ever naughty.  :)  Life is never boring with Jude as my daily companion.

- When Jude was a newborn, I watched Friday Night Lights.  This time, after I finished Downton Abbey Season 3 and dug myself out of the subsequent depression, a friend suggested I start watching The Mindy Project.  I didn't think I'd like it AT ALL, but it is just dumb and lighthearted and funny enough that I am HOOKED.  Perfect for this time of life where I'm exhausted and a little sensitive (although not nearly as sensitive as I am while pregnant).  

- Last night I got to see my BFFs from college, Annie and Aly, and Aly's parents in San Clemente.  I loved it because Aly's son Maddox is EXACTLY like Jude.  I didn't have to feel mortified when Jude was screaming at the tip tip tip top of his lungs out of sheer joy, because Maddox does the same thing.  In fact a couple of times Jeff or I would say, "Jude, too loud!" and then realize it was not our toddler who'd just demonstrated his premium vocal capacities.  And of course I loved it even more seeing people I love who don't live close enough.  We all have husbands and sons now -- crazy.

- I feel like a lot of time is spent keeping Graham protected from his affectionate brother.  Countless times a day I say, "Don't touch his eyes!"  The only thing that makes me excited about G getting bigger is the sturdiness that comes with it.  

- And a few pictures of my favorite Graham from weeks past.  Sigh. 

4 weeks

2 days