11 March 2013

A Collection of Stories and Facts

- The day before G was born, I was picking up some last minute things at Target.  Jude was doing a pretty good job of staying in the cart, which is like, the worst thing ever to him and his excited personality.  But as we passed an aisle of books, all of a sudden I hear him yell, "TRUCK!" and it was all I could do to barely catch him as he lunged out of the cart at supersonic speed.  He squirmed to the ground and 2 seconds later was sitting on the floor reading a board book about (you guessed it) TRUCKS.  Yes, I bought it.  And he happily looked at it the whole way home andwe read it daily.  It has taken my truck education to a different level; I can now identify a Backhoe Loader like it's nobody's biz.

- Jude picked out his latest pair of shoes and proudly shows them to anyone he passes.  He knows his own mind on matters of footwear.

- Graham is a continual pooper.  Jude was very kind to me and would wait to attend to those matters until he was nursing.  Graham just works on his diaper at all times.  Also Jude goes through a pair of pants and about 2 or 3 shirts a day.  And thus the laundry has exponentially increased in our corner of the world.  It's ok; I don't really hate doing laundry.  Making salads and ironing, those are two domestic things that I hate doing.

- I really relate to this little number right here:

I feel like this is the best of times and the worst of times for Jude.  And for me.  He's like my best buddy and we laugh a lot together, I cover him in kisses, praise his good behavior, and tell him I love him all day.  I know he loves me, but he will be about to do something against "the rules" and I say, "No no, don't do that," and he looks at me with this expression of, "What?  You didn't want me to do....THIS?!" And boom.  Time Out.  Sometimes he then turns his back toward me or covers his eyes like if he can't see me, I can't see him, and can't put him in TO.  I'll just wander the house searching for him and then in the meantime forget he was ever naughty.  :)  Life is never boring with Jude as my daily companion.

- When Jude was a newborn, I watched Friday Night Lights.  This time, after I finished Downton Abbey Season 3 and dug myself out of the subsequent depression, a friend suggested I start watching The Mindy Project.  I didn't think I'd like it AT ALL, but it is just dumb and lighthearted and funny enough that I am HOOKED.  Perfect for this time of life where I'm exhausted and a little sensitive (although not nearly as sensitive as I am while pregnant).  

- Last night I got to see my BFFs from college, Annie and Aly, and Aly's parents in San Clemente.  I loved it because Aly's son Maddox is EXACTLY like Jude.  I didn't have to feel mortified when Jude was screaming at the tip tip tip top of his lungs out of sheer joy, because Maddox does the same thing.  In fact a couple of times Jeff or I would say, "Jude, too loud!" and then realize it was not our toddler who'd just demonstrated his premium vocal capacities.  And of course I loved it even more seeing people I love who don't live close enough.  We all have husbands and sons now -- crazy.

- I feel like a lot of time is spent keeping Graham protected from his affectionate brother.  Countless times a day I say, "Don't touch his eyes!"  The only thing that makes me excited about G getting bigger is the sturdiness that comes with it.  

- And a few pictures of my favorite Graham from weeks past.  Sigh. 

4 weeks

2 days


Meredith said...

Your boys are so cute! It seems to me that Jude and Gunnar will be life long friends. Every story you post sounds like a parallel of my own life... but would that even surprise you that our lives might be similar? :) You are the just the sweetest mom and your boys are beyond!

Annie said...
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