25 March 2013


- We still haven't quite adjusted to the time change.  And that's probably because I'm trying hard to NOT adjust.  We put Jude to bed 30 minutes later than normal (so at 7:30), and he wakes up at 8ish.  Before Spring Forward he would wake up about 6:30 or 7.  It doesn't quite make sense, but I obviously enjoy the extra snooze time.  For the past few weeks I've been bringing Graham back into bed with us after his last night feeding.  This morning I woke up to Jude calling to me from his crib, Graham snuggled next to me, at 9:00.  Jeff, not wanting to wake us, had slipped out like a handsome attorney thief in the night.  This is not the first time this exact scenario has come to pass.  I don't know how long this will last, but I am loving it.

- I've started running again, this time pushing 90 lbs. of stroller, toddler, car seat, car seat adaptor, and infant.  It is brutal but I can't stop.  By the time breakfast is over, I've nursed Graham, changed diapers, dressed the babies, and we've read a few books, it always ends up sounding like the perfect thing to do.   As long as Jude has snacks, a couple of toy cars, and at some point my phone to play with, he does pretty well.  I'm feeling very lucky to have a great double jogging stroller.  I don't know what I'd do without it.  This is one of those times when a THING is making my life so much easier, whether we're jogging or running an errand and I need Jude to be buckled in.

- Diapers, diapers, everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  A friend told me shortly before G came that when she had her second she just learned to let some things go.  One of them was not stressing if the neighbors stopped by and there were diapers all over the floor.  Now I know how that just happens.  2 kids in diapers, you change them on the floor or in their bedrooms or wherever, and you get sidetracked or don't get up from your spot until 15 minutes later when you have forgotten that there was a diaper there blending in, and then an hour later you spot 3 diapers in random places that all would really probably like to be in the garbage can outside the back door.  I am not excited about potty training Jude, but at least I can assume that when this happens, this problem will diminish.

- Jude officially LOVES Graham.  He will be in the middle of crying because of some very devastating 2 year old tragedy, look over at Graham, and in a split second, snap out of the woe fest, and say, "BABY!" and with a big, gushy smile on his face, lean over him and coo, "Babybabybabybaby" and give him a kiss or two.  All my worry that Jude would hate being a brother was for nothing.  But Graham isn't old enough to steal toys yet, so we'll put a small pin in that.

- Before Jude's nap, ideally I would like to go running, shower, errands, and then meet friends for the park or whatever.  So far I haven't had that work out; one of those things always gets pushed out till after or during Jude's nap.  One day.

- We are not eating treats except for Sundays, birthdays, and holidays.  I want a piece of chocolate right now so bad I could cry.

Other than that we are just partying on.  Things are really, really good.

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