07 June 2010


- I absolutely get a kick out of emptying the lint thingie in the dryer and emptying our bagless vaccuum. Especially the vaccuum emptying. Such instant satisfaction! I feel like I've just won a battle against the forces that would have us live in unseen filthy squalor.

- Once I matched up the lyrics of a Coldplay song to be about The Book of Mormon story about the brother of Jared. Scripture references and all. Sarah helped.

- Bridge Mix is a family drug.

- I am admittedly not the greatest driver. But it is a truth universally acknowledged that the 2 dents on my car were not in any way caused by me.

- I like to listen to "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers when I work out.

- I used to sing ALL THE TIME.

- I spent the first chunk of my adulthood feeling unsettled and angsty at times in the forefront, at other times rear quarters of my brain and soul. My mission wiped that away and gave me the self esteem I didn't know I was missing. This was something I wasn't expecting to be a result of my mission, but I'm grateful every day for it. It also makes me grateful for the people who encouraged me to go.

- I suffer from decoration anxiety.

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Elizabeth Jex said...

I suffer from glittery toes anxiety. And, I duff you.

KatieB said...

i have decoration anxiety as well. and i love all these things i've done. and i'm getting annoyed at your lack of house pictures. doesn't matter that it's not decorated yet!