12 September 2010


A month ago (?) I got something in the mail from Netflix, put it on, and when Jeff asked what it was I answered, "If you watch the pilot and hate it, we can stop there." We watched the Pilot, it received mixed reviews on his end, and yet an hour later out of the corner of my eye I saw Jeff turn on the DVD player to watch the next episode of...


Now, during nearly ALL our free-time, we're pretty much undoubtedly watching LOST.

It is such a part of my life I feel compelled to give it all caps like they do on the screen. We like it because it's the one show we're both equally addicted to.

Warning: a spoiler alert or two may follow if you haven't seen past Season 3.

Although, right now, every character except Sayid is really driving me to the loony bin. John Locke thinks he knows everything but he's so busy desperately seeking validation and purpose that he messes things up and gets taken for rides by...The Others. Dr. Jack has adopted the Jack Bauer method of asking a question in a normal voice and after a 2 second pause, screaming it at the tip top of his lungs, and he also just needs to take charge and woo Kate so she stops loving Sawyer. Kate needs another dimension to her personality to be written in, fast. Claire only flips out on people and it scares me that new moms can be so deranged -- if I am like that, please, someone please give me a tranquilizer. Although I doubt there's any chance I'll be a new mum making diapers out of palm leaves, far far away from Boppies and Baby Einstein, so hey, props to her. Sawyer is actually 2% likable right now because his nick names are hilarious. Tokyo Jane, Doctor Giggles, The Munchkin, I laugh out loud at almost all of them. Charlie is simultaneously condescending to and possessive of Claire. Ana Lucia isn't our problem anymore, but she was on a major power trip that savored strongly of insecurity and did anyone else notice she somehow growled? Jin is making strides but he keeps bipolarizing on us -- one minute he's the seen-the-error-of-my-ways husband and then the next minute he's barking at Sun in Korean for having an opinion. Domineering, understanding, domineering, understanding -- I invite him to pick a type and go with it. I guess old personalities die hard.

Sayid is the only one who never makes me want to throw my apple slices at the tv screen. He's always right and always beats up the right people and knows when someone's trying to spin him. And since Shannon died the producers are no longer trying to spin us, the humble audience, on the most unlikely relationship of all time.

But then, I don't really want any of them to die, so they must be somewhat golden. Or have potential?

I forgot. Sun is on my good team. Hurley is also very likable. Although it's like my sister Sarah once said, he really should have used the show to save himself from heart disease or Type II Diabetes.

This doesn't mean I won't be watching again tomorrow night! Lock's father just popped up tied and gagged on the island! Woop, there it is!


Dave Donaldson said...

I love LOST and always feel compelled to type it in caps as well. :)

jocie said...

LOST just might be one of the best shows ever made. For real. And in other news, it appears we are going to get to meet in 3D at the upcoming marriage of KT and her Bruce. Yay! Excited to see you, Jeff, and your little bump.

Mer said...

FUN! Baptiste and I were (are) pretty much addicts. It's going to be a long winter TV season now that there's no more LOST. Or, maybe we'll just have to watch it all again... Wish we lived closer to enjoy it with you two. (Soon to be three! So exciting!) :)

[AnnieR] said...

Oh just keep watching young grass hoppah. Not that any of your questions will ever really be answered...but still worth every weird second. And all of your opinions of every one of these characters will change. I gawr-own-tee it.

So do you only watch one episode at a time or do you double up? There's such a sweet naughty deliciousness to doubling up. When watching old seasons of 24, I'd throw a hissy if Go had to go to bed and we only watched one measly episode. It was like I NEEDED two in a row to get my fix. So what if he has to get up at 4:30. I need 2 solid hours of Jack Bauer, yo.

Meredith said...

We always watch them in double doses -- unless we just watched a really lame one and we're mad at the survivors.

Heather said...

YESSS!!! Russ and I wasted two months of our lives watching that show. Not that I didn't like it...but...you know.

Lauren F. said...

I love that you love LOST. we started watching from the very beginning and were instantly hooked. Keep watching even when it gets weird and confusing. You have to see it all the way through.