27 November 2010

Thankgibing 2010

Twas the night before the Christmas season officially began,
and all through the house,
all the Eatons were sleeping,
for Speed Scrabble overdose and tryptophan magic.

We had a really great Thanksgiving. It was pretty mellow, all adults (the Jexies in Utah), and while we missed them, we kept reminding ourselves next Christmas will be the polar opposite so we should soak this in for what it is. Holiday 2011, in my parents' house, on top of the adults, there will be 5 small, small grandchildren (at least) and Cameron will probably decide it's a great idea to get married the day after Christmas or something.

Since we're all grown up my Mum wisely delegated and put her hard workin feet up. Jeff and I were in charge of the yams, Sarah and Hal took the rolls (which turned out amazing and exactly like Mom's!), Cam mashed potatoes, and Dad owned that turkey. My Dad loves to cook and it shows -- the turkey was somehow even better the next day. Mumsy did make the pumpkin pies too (sans crust because while it's perfectly acceptable healthwise to eat See's chocolates till you're blue in the face, pie crust is the truest form of evil). I threw in a "French Cherry Pie" which Jeff informs us has never been seen before in France to his knowledge.

We played out our food comas in front of While You Were Sleeping and Speed Scrabble. Mom was the morality police, looking up each word the winner claimed after each round. It may or may not have exposed a proper noun here and there.

Last night we took the annual trip to Roger's Gardens and to the "toppest tree" at Fashion Island.

Other than that we've spent the time knitting, gardening, blasting official Christmas season music (I've been listening to it for about 2 weeks already but never in Jeff's presence -- he's very protective of the proper timing to these things), and relaxing.

You really can't go wrong.

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