18 October 2012

Some Stuff

- We've been spending our mornings at a park by our house that is perfect for Jude at this age.  Compared to the other parks we've been going to, the structure is lower, there aren't as many gaps for Jude to fall through, but still plenty of things for him to get excited about. It also backs into a big grassy baseball field that Jude can run down screaming for joy.

This is the park that has opened up the nanny pocket of our neighborhood; I had no idea there were so many!  I'm getting to know them and the nanny world.  There's some drama; nannies stealing jobs, etc.  They are very sweet and affectionate with their little tots and it makes me happy.  They don't know yet that I espeak the Espanish and understand what they're saying to each other.  Thankfully they haven't commented yet on how slouchy I am dressed and whether or not I smell sweaty (we've been going right after family jog in the morning).

Along with the nannies, of course, come kids.  A lot of them are about Jude's age, which I love.  Some of these little kids I want to eat up.  They are so cute and lovey (and good sharers with toys).  A couple of the kids I think, "Well, at least you have a Mom who loves you."

Here Jude is with one of the kids I want to keep.  Such a sweet boy.
I can't hear you I can't hear you I can't hear you

- Whenever a Presidential campaign comes around, I usually smirk at the people that put bumper stickers on their cars.  I smirk AND laugh when, after the elections are over, the stickers for the losing parties are still on cars.  I am usually not in favor of bumper stickers of any kind; it usually ends up looking junky.  I also have always removed the dealerships' license plate frames from any car I've ever driven.  I feel like it makes me a marketing pawn when I've already given them an arm and a leg.  However, for the next few weeks I'll have this gem on my back window:

I guess I feel strongly enough about this election.  When Obama got elected I thought, "Well, I didn't vote for him, but I'll be his #1 fan if he gets the job done."  He didn't.


Alice said...

I really wish I knew Spanish so I could understand all the nannies at our parks. You crack me up.

James Eaton said...

Good sticker.