22 May 2013

Graham's Blessing

On March 31 (Easter Sunday), Jeff blessed Graham.

We were so tickled to have all 4 grandparents, Gigi Hayes, Aunt Erica/Uncle Robert + brood, Aunt Michelle/Uncle Mark + L, and Aunt Sarah/Uncle Harry join us.  Obviously we had a great weekend.

This child of mine is cozy with his Grandma.

After the blessing we ate the big old Easter dinner with ham and lots of potatoes.  And here's a nice random pic of my mom, Amber, and Jude and Violet.

Erica and Sarah were interrupted by moi for this picture -- 2 classy beauties right here.

My friend Courtney met most of the family but was asking who the people on the couch were.  I sufficiently blew her mind when I said, "Ok so Harry is married to my sister Sarah, and then next to him is Robert, my sister-in-law Erica's husband, and guess what.  Harry...and Robert...are brothers."  "Brothers-in-law?"  "No, like, they are brothers.  They have the same mom and dad."  "Whaaaa?"

On Saturday we went to a San Clemente beach.  The weather forecast had been shutting this idea down all week with the promise of rain, which would've been sad for our visitors, but the sun championed through!  And hey!  I was there!

I love my effervescent Jude.  Not much is "not a big deal" to him.

Talking shop or something like that.

Cousin E is a devoted and attentive friend to all cousins, but the smaller ones especially.  

Be still my heart!

Grandpa and Jude checking out the playground

Cousin J clearly negotiating with Erica.  He is such a crack-up.  Before the beach, we swooped into the drive-thru at a favorite little spot, A's Big Ace.  Apparently in J's car, everyone was trying to decide what to eat and he goes, "Aw let's just order burgers and be done with it!"


Gigi worked her magic with Graham.  

A brother's love is a brother's love.

Hey!  Let's go bless a baby!

Jeff gave Graham a wonderful blessing.

Papa and Graham. Side note: My dad has always been called "Grandpa" by Elizabeth's kids, but now Jude calls him "Papa".  This sort of simplifies things.  Mimi and Papa are my parents, and Grandma and Grandpa are Jeff's parents.

I majorly scored on this blessing outfit.  I had a store credit for $20 at baby gap and this was on sale for like $20.14.  He looked so cute in it I almost had an ulcer.
The day after, when everyone but Grandma, Grandpa and Gigi had departed, we took them to the San Juan Capistrano Missions.  I somehow made it through the Irvine Unified School District without ever field tripping there, so this was my first time, but Graham was uncharacteristically fussy and I missed most of it.  Now I'll just wait till Jude is matriculated and has his school field trip there, and I'll go help out :).
Graham and Grandma making eyes at each other
Graham brings unending joy to our family.  It was wonderful to be together to bless this beautiful boy, celebrate Easter Sunday, and see each other.  Hip Hip Hooray (x3).

Not pictured: The Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.  It happened, the kids got a lot of eggs, and I ate way too much candy while stuffing said eggs.  Nice.

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jocie said...

I'm not going to lie, I smile at Graham's darling baby face everyday. It might be hanging on my fridge for years to come.