13 May 2014

Out of the mouth of Jude

  • "I'm dancing a little bit.  Just a little bit."  (He was walking in a circle at medium speed.)
  • "I make this for you, mommy.  It makes you happy."  (It was a blanket molded into a "cupcake.")
  • "I just kissed your nose.  YOUR BIG NOSE!"
  • While Graham was crying on the way home from the pool: "I know, Graham, I know [dripping patronization in his voice].  We just can't go to the pool anymore today.  Maybe -- maybe next time."
  • While I cleaned the bathroom today, "Oh, I LOVE it!" copying my voice inflection from when I praise one of his artistic creations.
He sings a song about how Jesus Christ loves the very hungry caterpillar.
He calls the guitar a "pitard," tomatoes "pomatoes" and a cocoon (hungry caterpillar obsession again) a "pacoon". 
Love of my life.

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chayes said...

Love it!💖💖💖