06 December 2009

Guess whose house is the last one on the block to be decorated.


I WILL, however, in the spirit of Christmas, gluttonous light, holly ho ho, shed some wisdom: If you're feelin hungry and cheap/poor, hop over to a take-out spot right before they close. Friday night and tonight we were able to score some extras and freebies by popping into Pat and Oscars and then Baja Fresh -- willy nilly. I would like to think my winning smile and magnetic personality earned me those things but I'm more convinced in its being the product of "Oh, uh, we're closing up and giving them this will save me an extra trip to the dumpsters in the chilled back parking lot."

The only downside: the freebie breadshticks at Pat and Oscars actually turn your innards into solids. The damage has been known to be instantaneous.

I am doing a late Thanksgiving Tangent now. Here goes....

I'm thankful for (in no particular order):

- Diet Coke (see that's why I had to put "in no particular order" so you guys will never know if I'm more grateful for this than all other things in my life.)
- Christmas and all it entails, and that I know it's all so very real
- A Mother and a Mother-in-Law-to-Be who are so efficient and clever they dare to throw together a wedding in exactly 2 months
- www.jcrew.com -- it is nice to just look sometimes.
- the fact that Cameron comes home in less than 6 months
- Razors
- My dear, silly, plucky family
- Pals and comrades that make me chuckle
- the universe isn't asking me to personally deal with Levi Johnston
- Sugar Free hot chocolate provided at my office
- the nice man who put on my spare tire when a nail shoved into my tire totally ruined its wheeling potential
- An eternal boo that charms me to death on a daily basis
- and a partriage in a pear treeeeeeee


Sarah E. Reynolds said...

I would have put the Partridge at the top of my in-no-particular-order list. That way you'd never know if I really valued the partridge more than everything else in my life.

PS Harry's code name is "Partridge in a pear tree."

PSS I miss you and your weedly ways.

Ann said...

Merzy, it was so fun to see you so happy with such a great guy! I am booking my flight this week from Boston to Long Beach, can't wait! And so glad we got to see you two love birds.

Jim Eaton said...

I endorse the PC ordering of things Christmas; including ornaments and decorations. I believe the days of 8 pipers piping are over and should not take precedence over 5 maids a milking - or birds in pear trees, generally.