26 December 2009

Last night and during the day we had a Christmas movie marathon.

It started off with Sherlock Holmes. I didn't think it would be easy for them to go wrong with coal dusted England + RDJ + JL, and they didn't go wrong. I was pleased as punch! We ate Christmas candy during the first 20 minutes, too, until it was gone, and that added to the movie by way of sugar rushed enthusiasm.

Then we went home and after a while dad ran out to the still-open blockbuster, and retrieved fatal attraction. We just got a clearplay and praises be! With a bunch of people with differing views on the merits of R movies, this DVD player with a filter opens up a reservoir of cinematic options heretofore untapped.

Fatal attraction. Whoah. My mom's former stake president encouraged every married man to watch that movie. Just for fun. I will never at Glenn Close the same again (although after her role as the queen in hamlet she wasn't doin so great in my opinion), and sheesh! Michael Douglas really DOES look different pre-face lift(s)!

Then we watched Julie and Julia. Jeff had flown to Utah only hours before and he was the one who had really wanted to watch it. BUT I really liked it, really did, and I'll watch it again in the name of lurve.

Now we are off to the mall. My office is just across the hands bridge at south coast plaza so we are working the parking thang. Transponder to the parking lot rescue!

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Shauna said...

oh man Merz. Please write a book. I love your writing.

Loved Sherlock. Love love loved it.

JKA said...

Good, I am glad you liked Sherlock, we want to see it! We haven't hit the movies yet this season! (CAN'T wait for the big day- 1 month away!) :)

KatieB said...

we got a clearplay last christmas. i don't know if i want to go the fatal attraction route though...

The Allen Family said...

It's been a long time since I blog stalked you. :) Congratulations on your engagement! You look darling together.

melissa said...

When I think of Glen Close all I see is Cruella DeVil