20 December 2010

Baby Advice

This one takes it all, probably because it was given to me while I was fasting, working on about two hours of sleep, had been in the lab doing blood work for hours, and I was waiting for this person to stop talking and draw the third of five vials of blood from my collapsing veins:

"With my first baby, I didn't eat Almond M&Ms, and my baby didn't have eczema. With my second baby, I didn't eat Almond M&Ms, and that baby didn't have eczema. With my third baby, I went crazy for the Almond M&Ms, and my third baby has eczema! He plays volleyball now and he scratches on the court and I think, 'Oh, almond M&Ms are bad for baby.'"

Thank you so much. I'll take that into consideration.


ericareynolds said...

Hilarious! I guess I'll return the Almond M&M's I was getting you for Christmas.

Melly Mel said...

hahaha i love crazy women who want to change the world.

i miss your face!
merry christmas! love you merzy!

melissa said...

I think you need to hurry and post a belly pic....... please?