31 March 2011

Law Widow Resources

When I'm a Law Widow at night, I

1. Watch an episode of this for the millionth time (a period piece, a great media trial for Jeff to endure),

2. Watch THIS for the millionth time (a SNL sketch that creeps Jeff out but always makes me laugh my head off). You'll have to watch it on Sarah's blog because it wasn't embedding on mine.

And a picture in parting:


KatieB said...

i'm so glad downton found its way to your heart :). i wish we could watch it together! i saw it for sale at sam's club last week! weird.

Sarah said...

if you like Downton Abbey, you will love Lark Rise to Candleford.....the betst part......there are a TON more episodes.

Linds Barttels said...

downtown abby i LITERALLY put on my netflix queue last week! now that i know it has your blessing i'm going to watch it!

S.A.R. said...

I don't think the skit is available on hulu anymore. And I'm guessing it was gilly?