24 March 2011

Stream of Merzy Brain

- We took a break from Mad Men but we're back on Season 3. I enjoy it more now. This is because I saw Jon Hamm on 30 Rock and SNL being a completely awkward noodle, and so Don Draper doesn't seem quite so horrid (in that confusing lovable way). I originally wanted to watch it because my Grandpa Eaton, who I died when I was a baby, was an Ad Man Executive in Chicago back in them days. My dad always speaks so well of him and I wish I could have known him. I thought this show would be an interesting insight into his career and life. Eh, I love the Hitchcockian visuality to it, and it is interesting to see how much business methods have changed, but the dominating thought in my head as I watch that show is "Dysfunction!" and "Someone throw that impossibly handsome man into rehab, please!"

- It's amazing how many Cadbury Mini Eggs one person (moi) can eat while up with a baby nursing in the middle of the night. Just amaaaaaazing.

- When I was in the latter days of pregnancy, I would lie on the couch and think of what I needed to do. Chores, errands, etc. I either wouldn't do them or it would require a spell of silent pep talking to get up. Or it would just happen when my back hurt too much from lying too long in one position. Now, as soon as J is fed or down for a nap, it's like I hear the pistol fire and I'm racing around the house, scooping up this and that and throwing it in the dishwasher (!!), folding blankets strewn about the couches (!!!), taking a shower (!!!!), combing my hair (!!!!!), putting him in the carseat before he has a chance to realize what I, the meanest mom ever, am doing to him, (!!!!!!) and get all I can done at basically an all out sprint. Then it's time for the little lamb to eat once again, or he's screaming because I'm not holding him. It's never been nicer to have a clean house because while I am sitting on the couch nursing, you have way too much time to just evalutate your surroundings. This reminds me, I have spied with my little eye a couple of cobweb strings in random corners of the ceiling which must be dealt with when Jeffman is home.

- Chris Brown. Not only does he sing the most thought provoking lyrics of all time, ("you mean to me what I mean to you") but he has this really smooth way of throwing all out tantrums of when questioned about tantrum he threw on his ex-girlfriend. I hear ya, Chris. Sometimes the only way to show everyone how far you've moved past the tantrums is to throw another one. Makes sense.

- And a picture in parting (from last week):


super awesome kt said...

dang. the parting shot is amazing. his belly button I cannot handle. *love*

KatieB said...

i'm so proud of you for sprinting around and getting all that stuff done. i remember being pretty lethargic. good for you! i am behind in my mad men viewing. i love the visual aspects of that show but hate all the characters. that show really helped me to understand why the feminist movement took place. i didn't realize how bad some things were for women back then.

mcampbell said...

I tried so hard to like Mad Men, but all the chauvinism really got to me. But I still find myself thinking about the characters and reading articles about the show. I'm a glutton for punishment, apparently. :)

The only thing yummier than Cadbury Mini Eggs is baby J. I love him.