15 April 2011

2 Months: Gettin Fresh

Yesterday we celebrated 2 months of livelihood with Jude. Wildman Jude. This one does not keep still. He kick kick kicks, waves his arms, and looks around constantly, is pretty good at holding his head up (a Hayes thing), and is already wearing 18 month onesies! Nevermind on the last one, I misread the tag. His penchant for drooling he got from moi; he leaves a wet puddle behind after his naps.

He's sleeping a 5 hour stretch at night now (knock on that wood!), the colic is getting a little better (knock harder!!!), and he gives smiles away like candy (to me and Jeff and sometimes Lisa). The smiles are like shots of a chocolate/paxil elixir sent straight through an IV to my mommyhead system. Loves his bath and loves his dad.

We left him for the first time last Friday to attend a wedding reception. Mimi and Grandpa loved it. I packed the diaper bag a la brim so he'd be covered if a meteor hit the backyard. He did OK. My arms felt strangely loose the whole time.

He really holds onto those many burps.

Lisa and I put Jude and Lyla next to each other on the couch and the saucy lass instantly turned toward him, claiming the opportunity to make her intentions known. Blurry camera because we could not stop laughing.

He is the most charming addiction. I can't wait for more.


ericareynolds said...

He's looking chubby. I can't wait to see him. I need me some Jude!

mcampbell said...

I am so antsy to meet this Jude character. Can't wait for May!! Love, love the pictures.

S.A.R. said...

I have recently ad-JUDE-icated that JUDE needs to be part of the United States JUDE-icial branch after his formal ed-JUDE-cation.