28 April 2011


These people, the Jexies, came to visit.

I don't know how people keep track of 2 kids, let alone 4. But they do in fact keep track of them and we all had a grand old time.

I loved Jude getting more time with his cousin, Baby I, born 10 days before him.

About to leave for target. Have I mentioned my son hates the carseat? Oh, I have? 50 times? Well here is the unimpeachable proof. Jude's car beef is working wonders on our gas bill. I don't go anywhere unless it's absolutely necessary, because his automotive meltdowns are going to drive me to drink. I laugh at this picture because Baby I is like, "Don't ask me, I don't know what all the fuss is about."

We went to an Easter egg hunt put on by a friend in my ward. While the adults were hiding the eggs, many of them in very conspicuous places, the clueless toddlers couldn't help themselves and started picking up some eggs. My older nephew was incensed. "Aunt merzy. They. Are. Picking. Up. EGGS!!!!" He's a little Nazi. :)

Baby I is so sweet and mellow.

I am trying to be supportive here because Niece S is actually great with babies, loves them to death and is Baby I's biggest fan, but I am just a little paranoid. It was really cute to see her take initiaive with the wee ones, though, soothing them with her eggy little voice, bouncing them if they fuss when her legs barely are long enough to get off the couch, and her expert knowledge of when they need a binkie. I love all my little lambs.

Happy (late) Easter one and all! Next time Jude will be walking. Yipeee and yikes!

P.S. Like, 50 times a day, I have to suppress the urge to text, email, call everyone I know and yell, "I LOVE MY BABY!!!!!!!!" You know when you look at your baby and just want to do a cartwheel? We love him.

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