28 June 2011

P.S. to the last post and Random Pictures

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

This Sunday was actually pretty busy. After church Jeff and I both had meetings, our Home Teachers came by, and then we high tailed it to Santa Monica for a crepe fest with the Kimballs and Reynolds.

Annie has been a close friend since college, I caught her bouquet in bridesmaid attire at her wedding, and as of a year ago her husband matriculated at UCLA as a medical student. So she's close by!

Sarah has been a sister of mine since the day she was born, I caught her bouquet in bridesmaid attire at her wedding, and as of about a month ago her husband has gotten his intern on at a law firm in LA. So she's close by!

We made an afternoon and night of it. Annie is a total cuisinier, so we were stuffed at the end of dinner and could not have prevented it. After that we went on a walk on the beach about 2 inches from their apartment and saw an old man proving with his whirligig hips that you're only as old as you feel. Then we went back for more chatting and grazing on Hershey's Treasures. Between the 6 of us there are some good stories to be told and some awesome reminiscing to dip into.

It was a good night.

And in proper poaching form, here are some pictures of the recent trip to Vegas:

J and Jude having a bond

I and Jude talkin shop

Eh, a little punchy

I call this one "Families are Forever".

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