02 August 2009

My plane won't take off for a few more minutes

And we are already 30 behind schedule.


It's times like these that I love me my iPhone, because now I can blog a few juicy tidbits from Annie Warner's (now Kimball) wedding o' love!

I am quite bothered with myself to realize this is the only picture I got of the bride and her dress on my phone. I'll have to load others from my camera when I get home (IF I ever get home...we still have not departed). Suffice it to say she looked divine.

Aly, her darling mother Randy, and I hung out all weekend. Lucky girl me. :)

Annie garlock may have a You-Owe-Your-Happiness-With-Your-Eternal-Lover Belt that's dipped in Peruvian gold and ruby encrusted, but I have one that's not too shabby myself, and I daresay that cute little family was suggested and prodded by M-E. Boo ya. It was a delight to see them.

The bride y yo as we got our crafty on at the sundance resort for the festivities. Those fans dangling were made by the bride and sisters and sisters in law and were most impressive. The entire affair was heart warming and beautiful and very Annie + Jon.

It also proved once again how unnervingly small the Mormon community is, but that's another story for another delayed flight.

-- Post From My iPhone


[AnnieR] said...

How can Shmane have a wife? How can Shmane have a child? He's only 14!!! And always will be! SHMANE!!!

Shane and Lauren said...

You're right, I don't know how he talked me into this. Just joking! Meredith, it was so fun to see you and be able to catch up a little bit. I think I may write a link on my blog saying, "If you want a glance of our last weekend, click here" linking it to your blog. Nah, that would be way too much work. On a more serious note, thanks again for making Shane and I possible.

Ann said...

Ah, Merzy- It was so much fun to see you! Thanks so much for coming in town!! luvs-