25 August 2009

This week I've been reading all the blogs written by lovely mommies taking their lovely kids to first days at school.  These lovely moms cried tears of nostalgia and woe or felt woefully guilty about feeling no nostalgia whatsoever.

I did not start school this week.  It may surprise you to know I am FINISHING a quarter of "school" this week.  One Paralegal class down, boom boom pow!  It's been 10 weeks already!  I can tell you in a most definite way that there will be no tears shed over this wind down.  No, this sunset on Civil Lit I will not result in me wailing in a lonely corner amidst a pile of soggy kleenex, empty Frito baggies and whipped cream cans strewn about.

I can tell you about something that has watered my eyes lately:

- A few days ago I remembered anew the story an unnamed sister tells about the long ride home from her junior prom.  She'd invited a guy from a neighboring high school that she'd quietly admired for years.  Years.  They made it almost all the way home before she realized her hand, which she'd thought was resting on the seat beside her, had indeed been on his leg.  Woopsie-Daisies. 

- Oh one more, one more!  My cultured, intellectual Dad, my cultured, intellectual brand new brother-in-law, and my cultured, intellectual boyfriend all somehow ended up watching a movie over waffles on Saturday night.  Of their own volition!  "You're my own personal brand of heroine."  Give me a break.  I'm begging you for a break.

So how come it was so much crazy fun??  Maybe it was so wrong it was right.


ericareynolds said...

I'm going to tuck that piece of information about my brother in my back pocket for later use. Yes, that excites me more than you can know. Bwahaha!!!

Meredith said...

Use it, and use it well :).

Sarah said...

You promised you'd never tell!
Ah well.