13 August 2009

it's time for an update because i have time.

- i am still grateful for my job every day.

- i moved to california 1 year ago yesterday. can't believe it.

- my sister sent me this picture and i was thrilled to realize that i had finally found my cheek flub soul sister (niece). look at those suckers! gravity's got loads to work with there!

- i'm going to see fiddler on the roof tomorrow at the orange county performing arts center. i haven't been there in years! i think if more people would just watch more musicals evil doing would largely dissipate. no one can find it in their heart to go participate in a drive-by-shooting after they've see lovebirds in a surry with fringe on top.

my dad is going straight to heaven for giving us these tickets to see tevia shimmy across the stage melodizing his unattained wealth.

- i had a dream about depositions and melodramatic plaintiffs the other night. vivid dreams are back.

- yesterday during the hour in between work and school i zipped over to the book store to pick me up lief enger's first book, peace like a river. the employee who directed me aright told me that all purchases accompanied a free book which could be selected from a shelf by the cash register. it took me about a zillionth of a second to NOT be excited anymore because the books must be pretty creepy if they are giving them away. i was right. slim pickins. but i did find one that would do; it makes a great coffee table addition. pages and pages of tinsel town residents posing or posing candidly for the camera and sometimes giving advice.

- hmmmm not much else to say...... i wake up, i go to work, i eat food, i hang out with jeff, and go home, read some of the good word, and try and get at least 7.5 hours of sleep so i'm not a total grouch the next day. when i don't get that much sleep i try and think of my friend's husband who's in his surgical residency or my friends with babies who don't sleep through the night for some perspective. ah, but then i still just snap at whomever is testing my patience anyway. bahahahaah. not really, i'm not confrontational enough to be snarky at people unless they've penetrated my inner sanctum.

babble blogging has ensued.

goodnight my funky freshes.


KatieB said...

my cousin-in-law is paul reiser's manny. just thought i'd share since you're reading his book :)

Margaret said...

We read Peace Like A River for bookclub last year...you'll have to let me know what you think of it.

I agree with you on the musical bit. I know our Les Miz duet brought smiles to many faces.