15 August 2009

The very same.

When I was a freshman in high school they in the drama and choral departments dared to pull off Fiddler on the Roof. Elizabeth smacked herself the role of the eldest daughter and so we ended up watching the VHS about 20 times a week to GET INTO IT. Then when E had gotten her mimicking down to a T, we lent the videos to a girl named Christina Rivera, an extra, and we never saw them again. Movie thief.

Anyway, tonight's performance at the OCPAC was sallied forth by none other than Topol. This was actually pretty cool for me. He's still got it.

That's all.


Margaret said...

What? You saw Topol? Lucky!

Sarah said...

I keep thinking about that part in "Notting Hill" where the guy says to Hugh Grant, "I actually saw the main character from 'Fiddler on the Roof,' you know, Toppy."

I'm glad he's still around and that an Eaton can attest to his greatness in the flesh.

elizabeth said...

Dang! I could have played Topol's daughter! I still got it too! I'll dig ditches! I'll haul rocks!

Chrissy said...

My parents saw it there and loved it too! Go Topol!