30 August 2009

Hottest weekend of my entire life

And here's a cute little girl we played with while it was hot

And after my first dinner at Ruby's since 2001 and some pinkberry with the Lewis fam, we helped Sara and Ashlee ring in their new year on (I'm not kidding) a yacht.

Weekends make the world go round, and I would like to see anyone just TRY to convince me otherwise.

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[AnnieR] said...

Ahhhh...much better.

What I was TRYING to say was:

The preggy-pregs behind Addie looks dangerously close to giving birth to her quadruplets at the beach. Ack!

And also, love the bangs. I think that was all.

Hm...not quite worth all the effort on your part. I'll do better next time around.