10 August 2009

what was i thinking??

my life is pretty tame.

no behavior so wild to knock out very important teeth.

i don't have many regrets.

but today when i was at work listening to my ipod on shuffle, a song i'd purchased last year on itunes came on. i'd forgotten about.

i had just gone through a big break up, ok?? i'm not holding myself responsible.

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Shane and Lauren said...

Hey Merzy,
How are you since all the crazy wedding weekends have died down? So, just in case you have checked my blog since we last saw you and are wondering why I have still not updated it, it's for a good reason. So last week, I went to get the millions of pictures I've been taking over the last month (including a 2 week trip, Annie's wedding, lots of other stuff...) off my camera and onto my computer to actually put some on my blog when I realized there had been NO memory stick in there that WHOLE time! I was dying and still can't get over it. I guess I went to grab the camera like over a month ago, not knowing Shane had taken out the memory card and had been walking around taking pictures for over a month with it. Since then I haven't been able to muster up enough enthusiasm to blog anyways, but I think I will soon. Just thought I'd let you know, so you don't think I have entirely disregarded all of your updating my blog hints. Is that a good enough excuse?