29 August 2009

Ignorance was bliss.

One of life's untainted delights has just been irrevocably tainted.  

The Grilled Vegetable Salad at California Pizza Kitchen.  Oh how my heart's pulse would hasten for it!  This thing is the most idyllically arranged anything.  To the shadows with the fact that the "While You're Waiting" bread slices are not as warm, dense, or varied as at Macaroni Grill or The Cheesecake Factory, this salad was my soul mate salad.  It exists to be eaten and loved.  As an added bonus to its perfection in instant taste gratification, it was surely serving my mortal shell with ample amounts of chlorophyll, Omega 3s, fiber, and protein in the version I like it best.

Thanks to the Kill Joy Patrol, they now are listing calorie counts in every single thing you can shove in your mouth.

This thing is outlandishly calorific by anyone's account.  Even the half!  I wash my hands of it.  Woe be unto I.

I think Jeff was getting sick of that place anyway.

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