05 August 2009

don't get too excited -- i am half asleep.

remember those days when i'd blog allllllll the time?

things i've been thinking about lately:

- whether or not i should cut blunt bangs again (mine are getting to a funky length)
- why my left ankle hurts -- it has suffered no injury that i can recall
- why i am so tired lately?  i am unabashedly brain dead after work, especially on wednesdays when i have class, which makes for some interesting conversations with jeffrey.
- i had been having very freakishly vivid dreams -- i would have blogged them but they were all sorts of crazy, i haven't had time, and really, what would be the point anyway?  they have died down now and i sort of prefer it that way.  i am usually frustrated in these dreams.  
- what happened to BB Mac?  margaret, i bet you know.
- back to the dreams -- i am not actually frustrated with my life, which is why the frustrated tone of my dreams perturbed me.  2009 has seen loads of things falling into place.  my life's not perfect but i never wanted it to be.  i just want it to be cozy.  it feels cozy right now.  so what's with all the stifled angst in my visions?  what happened to those dreams i used to have about dinner dates with the likes of ryan gosling?
- i think about the things i want to make when i have a weekend that's not overrun by all sorts of this and that.  i want to make something to hang from the hook right above my bed (shauna gave me an idear), i want to cook something from the new vegetarian cook book elizabeth gave me for my birfday, and it should be divinity puffed up.
- you might want to slaughter me for saying this but i can't WAIT for labor day.  that means it's kosher to wear tights again.  i love black tights -- they make everything so easy.  i hate my bare legs because of my sovereign lack of coordination and the insanely visible scars on my gams.  i just like tights, ok?  i was bummed about summer hunkering down for a nap until i realized that's coming.  it's terrific.

i am so going to the land of complete sleep now.


Margaret said...

BBMak broke up in 2003. All now are pursuing solo careers. If you need more details I can give them. I don't know if I should be embarrassed by that or not.

[AnnieR] said...

Don't get your opaque tights in a bunch when I tell you this but I feel that Southern California is a waste on scarf-adorning, turtleneck-nuzzling, thick-sweater wrapping, cold-bodied people like you. Let's trade locations.

Hilary and Dave said...

Merz, I am so with you on the Labor Day thing. I am so sick of summer!!! Did BBMak sing "Return of the Mac"? Was that them? I used to love that song. I loved the four hours or so we got to chat and giggle!! I am patiently awaiting a picture or two off your camera....

Meredith said...

Margaret, I knew you'd never fail me! And while we're at it, what is the ugly N*Sync member up to these days?

Annie, have you been so long in PA that you've forgotten the days you sprinted to the Astro Van, chilled of body? Orange County does get cold. Maybe not coldEST, but cold enough for glorious opaque tights.

Hils, I keep meaning to THANK YOU AGAIN for letting me crash your lovely home and spend time basking in your presence. The early morning jaunt to the airport was also a stroke of deep service. It seriously made my trip to see you. :) More later....

kt said...

Hilary, it was Mack Morrison actually.

And I just wanted to say that I relate to bullets 2 and 3. Absolutely. Can't figure out what happened to my foot and I am so utterly fatigued.

And hooray for Labor Day

Margaret said...

K merz,
I had to look it up and even though you were kidding here it is...he floated through a few bands post 'nsync. Nothing panned out. Is on the radio daily down south somewhere and is trying to break into country music.

Remember our secret e-mail account? NFL135 or something? standing for 'nsync for life? that was the pinnacle of our coolness.