14 August 2011

6 Months: Half an Annum

Today our wee babe has 6 months under his diaper belt. Prepare yourselves for some gushing, for I am so very deep in baby heaven!

Jude is just delicious.

He puts everything in his mouth while letting his voice roll over the bottom of his throat.

He squeeeals and giggles and hums.

He started solids a few days ago, and pounds them down. It's like milk never existed. Hmph.

He is sleeping through the night (again) but knows how to self sooth now. High 5s ALL AROUND.

Jude rolls both ways now. The proud look on his face when he first rolled from his back to his tummy a few days ago was enough to vanquish all evil in the world (had all the evil in the world been privy).

Our baby boy is still snuggly, but only when he's tired or for about 15 seconds at a time. This is, of course, very sad, but since it's all part of the exciting growth I'm trying to be cheerful about it.

Here he's watching Jeff get something out of the cupboard.

He's very expressive. Sometimes his face looks very grown up to us, he furrows his brow, and has from the beginning. His chubby cheeks keep him facially connected to his babyness. Sometimes I just spend so much time nibbling on that chub.

This monkey is friendly. He greets most people, stranger or not, with a smile and has noticed BABIES. He perks right up when there's another baby next to him at church; it's like they're saying, "Hey. You, me, nursery, one year. It's so on. We'll drink some juice and throw blocks at the wall."

He chews and chews on my face. He laughs more for Jeff, sometimes for me.

This great love I have for him just grows and grows. When I look at my wedding pictures, I know I somehow love Jeff on a deeper level now than on that happy day of celebration. The same thing is happening with Jude. I may not be able to remember every little coo or flicker of his face, as much as I may try, but the things that happen every day do make my heart sing, hum, and hurt. He is a dream.

Happy 6 months, Jude. You make everything good.


KatieB said...

he is the cutest thing i have ever seen. and if by some miracle i end up with a boy, you have to tell me where you got those golf cart shoes he's wearing because i think chad would pee his pants with joy if he had a son wearing those.

jocie said...

Love that face. The good news (in my experience) is that it just gets better and better and you just fall progressively more in love. Yay for little people. I wish Millie could be in Jude's future nursery class.

Annie said...

ah, he is SOO cute! Merzy, I will be having lots of afternoons free this year with my new job, so I hope to see you and Jude more :)


Tanman and Merelips said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday little boy! Can't wait for Jude and Gunnar to play again!

chayes said...

I love that little guy! I really need some Jude snuggles. These pictures are adorable!

The Laidlaws said...

What a precious babe you have! I just love those blue eyes! Happy 1/2 birthday little Jude!

Alice said...

I'M DYING! He's so cute! I love the bow tie!