26 August 2011

What to say?

I don't know what to report. There's just a pile of important nothings going on around here these days.

I have, as usual, begun to look forward with no small amount of joy to the holidays that lie ahead. My toenails are even black in anticipation of Halloween. The holidays of October, November, and December are always amongst my favorites, but it's been so freaking hot, and plus I have a cute baby to share all this stuff with, so really, this is an all-time overload of excitement. Smoke is starting to come out my ears.

I love 30 Rock. "Her brain is quishy like a hacky-sack."

Since Jeff and I got married we looked forward to the day we could get a SECTIONAL. Oh a sectional upon which we would snuggle and sit. Back in APRIL we had enough money saved to push "submit order" for a Pottery Barn sectional that was on sale. We also had a coupon. So we still don't have it. It's been back ordered about 7 times. We would have scrapped it and moved on to another store, but they've started giving us 15% off every time its delivery gets postponed, so now it's cheaper than just about any other couch we could get. A couple of weeks ago, we were sure it would ship so we sold Jeff's bachelor couches on Craigslist to a blind bar tender for $100. Back ordered again. We get very cozy on our remaining piece of furniture.

Feeding Jude solids is so messy. Still nursing.

I saw The Help this week with some girlfraynds. I loved it. My lover and I also saw Crazy, Stupid Love while we were in UT, and I could have chopped out a few parts, but I loved that too. Could some missionaries please track down Ryan Gosling and bring him back to Mormonism?


Whacking around his toy, because it's such a fun new trick.

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