14 November 2011

9 Months: Moving

Where's my pause button?  I need one.

Jude started crawling last week and has fallen in love with door stoppers.  Whichever room I may have plopped him in, it takes about 10 seconds to start hearing the BOING BOING BOING until he pulls it off and starts whacking it against the wall.

He's got a couple of teeth and a few more still making their way.

I was making dinner last week and had him in his high chair.  I'd sprinkle some Puffs onto his tray and he'd go at them like he hadn't eaten in about 5 years.  He'd get a handful and before he could put them in his mouth he'd see more on the other side of the tray and grab those.  After the dust settled he'd just have a bunch of soggy Puffs stuck to his hands, maybe 3 having made it into his tummy.  Time to sprinkle more Puffs.

His drool officially broke my phone.  It works out great for him because now that it's completely kaput, he has himself his dream toy and my new phone won't arrive at my doorstep for 2 weeks.  I thought the iPhone craze was over and everyone standing in line outside the Apple stores would have been satisfied by now.  Nope.  So this is a sidenote: if you need to get ahold of me, email is the only way to go until further notice.

His personality becomes bigger and bigger all the time; I must be his mom because I am so enthralled. I am forced to stop in the middle of the grocery aisle and attack him with kisses, because he pulls the funniest, sweetest things out of his hat and I just can't stand it.  And he loves me, too.  We do appreciate all the love he gives back, it really does go a long, long way.

It's just going much too fast.


kt said...

with a face like that! The first picture especially melts my little heart!

Linds Barttels said...

i love him!! he's so ridiculously handsome- ladies of ladera ranch: watch out! have i told you how completely jealous i am that jude hasn't really been mobile til now?? wanna trade? faye is moving waaay to fast-she walks along furniture now and crawls faster than i thought was possible for a human that size- i hate it! where did our tiny babies go??

meredith conroy said...

he is such a handsome happy little guy. i love his face. and he totally deserves that expensive toy. look at him eat that phone up!

Alice said...

Finn loved doorstops too! HA HA I love that about little kids.

chayes said...

Jude's Dad loved door stops too! To this day, there isn't one functioning door stop in our house! We had to replace them all with the ones that stick on the wall. I love the pictures! His cute little face always makes me smile!