24 November 2011

Thanksgiving, Mostly in B&W

The bunch.  We ate at my parents' and the Evans joined us.  My dad made the turkey, and took out some dark meat and added some "King Noah" spices.  What are King Noah spices?  Ask him.  But I can tell you they are good. 

Mum and Ruthie

Dad and John
Jude was content to eat puffs, yams, and he somehow got some ice cream.  SOMEhow.

The Apple Pie.  It turned out the way it was supposed to, which is pretty awesome for me on the first try if I can pat my own back, but it was way more fun to make it than to eat it.  Ruthie's tasted better.

We got home and unleashed my dream-come-trues.  The tree is a little crooked but we're working on it.  Jude started to -- you guessed it -- try to eat the star, so we hurried and topped our slanted tree.

"I now declare this bridge, OPEN!" 10 points if you know what I just quoted.

Merry Thanksgiving AND Christmas.


Dave Donaldson said...

Hard Days Night!

Happy Thanksgiving, Merzy and family.

Meredith Hayes said...

And 10 points to you, Dave Donaldson!
And Happy Thanksgiving to the Donaldsons. :)

Alice said...

Wait, I was just gonna say that! HARD DAYS NIGHT! OWN IT>>>>>LOVE IT!!!!!