08 February 2012


We loved last Saturday.

Jeff's coworker recently had a baby girl, and per their Jewish custom, had a naming ceremony.  This particular one took place in San Diego.  It was something fun and out of the norm for us.  Jeff forgot his yarmulke.  :)  The Rabbi opened the outdoor ceremony by saying, "Shabat Shalom!" which was awesome because I totally knew our cue was to then give a hearty echo!  Thanks, Ben Stiller/Rabbi Schram from Keeping the Faith!  (One of those movies that wasn't a big box office hit, but was totally hilarious and adorable, in my opinion.  Now that I've remembered it I'm stashing it on the Netflix queue, because I don't think Jeff has seen it.)  The baby was tiny and sweet, the food was good, and Jude almost behaved (he started machine-gun laughing at all the quiet, solemn moments to Jeff had to scoop him up and gather some distance).

After the party we started home.  We had brought beach gear just in case we could hit the beach and it worked out.  We only had enough change for about a half hour in the parking meter, but since it was getting late in the afternoon that was fine.  Sometimes in theory excursions like the beach + baby sound difficult but in execution this trip was awesome.  Jude was happy and snuggly, the beach was beautiful, and Jeff was a hunk.  If you follow me on Instagram, a couple of these will be repeats.

We switched Jude to cow milk about a week before his birthday because I ran out of formula and didn't want to buy more.  Buying formula is the worst.  It smells bad, mixing it usually results in a dusting of formula powder on the counter, it's expensive, blech.  Jude LOVES whole milk and I am loving it for him.

I am so bringing this hat to Hawaii because my face won't have elastic skin forever and I care not for tanning.

I don't think there's ever been a time where seeing Jeff with Jude hasn't been cute.

I love his "vintage" swim outfit from cousin Sammy Lewis.

He's still a little indifferent to salt water splashes.

This is a rare sight that made me totally jealous.  

Just eat it up, Jeff.

We're so lucky to live here!!

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Alice said...

I love that movie and you look amazing!