02 February 2012

1. Will someone explain to me why girls with long hair run with their hair down?  Lately I'm suddenly seeing all these women bounding around Ladera Ranch with their hair flouncing about their shoulders.  It's hard enough to run, period; we don't need hair billowing for added harassment!
2. We saw Man on a Ledge on Saturday night.  As my friend Matt Jensen would say, "You pay for the whole seat, but you only use the edge!"  I haven't been so in suspense in a LONG TIME. Go see it and see it now.
3. Suddenly Jude doesn't like sweet potatoes.  We're gettin all crazy and changing things up around here!
4. Photo:

This photo reveals:
- part of the new chair we got in the Office,
- the baby backpack carrier we got for our Anniversary/Valentine's Day/Jeff's bday/Jude's bday trip we are taking tooooo HAWAII in a week and a half!  We got it from a nice little family off craigslist last night, and I put Jude in it this morning to test it out.  He was laughing and squealing and patting my head.  One of my favorite things to do is hike, and hopefully with this we'll be doing plenty of that in Hawaii and other spots.
- the 4 Life magazines that I am in love with.  Jeff's grandmother kept some of her Life magazines.  They even have the little address tag that ensured their delivery to Grandpa Dick Lee in Idaho Falls!  We are lucky to have 4 in our home now.  Your top left has Louie Armstrong on the cover, and his quote is, "I never did want to be no Big Star."  Well, Louie, you are.  And Sandra Bullock named her baby after you.  Your bottom left has, "Tragedy at Kent State" -- the one Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young wrote a song about.  Sad.  It has a picture of one of the 4 dying students with others trying to help him.  Your bottom right is the Special Issue of Neil Armstrong and his adventures on the Moonsky.  And, my favorite, your Top Right, is PAUL.  Sir Paul McCartney, his beloved lost Linda, with Mary holding a cane and Stella as a wee babe.  It says, "The Case of the 'Missing' Beatle: Paul is Still With Us".  Yes he was!!  He was just in Scotland then, which I totally knew because I am a Beatles girl and I watched the Anthologies with rapt attention.  I also watched another biography where Mary interviewed him and he talked about, among other things, his time there, how he was just coming off the Beatles break-up, how he was depressed, money and royalties were being sorted out, and how Linda made him get off his bum and get to writing music again.  Thus Wings was formed (meh).  I love having these magazines in the house, they are sentimental on so many levels as reminders of history, Jeff's grandparents he loves so much, music, American achievements, and tragedy.
- me at 1:39 p.m.  No shower and no make up because there has been no run.
5) While I'm at it I'm going to show you the other corner of the Office:

See now you're going to think we're very depressing.  On 9/11 Jeff had the presence of mind to pick up some newspapers.  We had the cover of the New York Times matted and framed for Jeff's bday last year.  I promise we're happy people.  These are just things to remember, and we figured the Office was the best place for them; I wouldn't want to put them in Jude's room, and the bathroom seems disrespectful.
6) Confession: I know what happens at the end of this season of Downton.  I couldn't handle the agony of all the current and ongoing cliffhangers, so I read the episode summaries on wikipedia.  I did this with the 7th Harry Potter book too; I read the epilogue when I was about halfway through the book because there had been rumours J.K. was going to kill Harry to prevent some other dingbat author from writing a continuing (and inferior) story.  I am a total spoiler and I have come to terms with it.  I still enjoy the process just as much, but with less stress. :)
7) If you're going to Costco in the next 3 days, be prepared to gain 5 pounds!!  The week of the Superbowl they are always exploding, exPLOding I tell you, with samples.  You don't even have to wait, they are shelling them out at such speed.  And it's all glorious snacks.  My favorite.  Just be warned.


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Kristina said...

The answer to #1 is something I would love to know. Hate my hair down running. Hate it.

Love your new chair and the wall decor. I want a copy of your 9/11 newspaper. I wish I was as smart as Jeff. What a historic room.

I think between you and Elise and I am now convinced to start watching downtown abbey. Just got to figure out where to find it. Netflix?

Alice said...

You are so FUNNY!
I love the framing of the Life mag covers.

Meredith said...

Your house looks fabulous! Hawaii will be so fun!

jocie said...

#1 kills me too. And I see girls surfing with their hair down. How does that not drive them crazy? It is a mystery.