26 January 2012

Thursday Morning

For the grandparents, mainly, but all are welcome:

I will probably never get over his little body.  Hand dimples, curls, eyelashes, his own 100% original profile, the way you can see traces of his rib cage despite his ample belly... it's just incredible to me.

Lately he makes this face while saying, "nuh nuh nuh nuh" and I worry he's copying me saying "No no no no" when he's about to a) attempt a dive bomb, b) try to climb onto the dishwasher while I load or empty it, c) sneak the iPad or my phone, d) insert [inedible/poisonous/choking hazard item] into his mouth.  Which, by the way, I am constantly cleaning the floors, and somehow he still finds stuff.  Hmph.
Enjoy your Thursday.


Meredith said...

I love him. And, I'm pretty sure Coco does too. She talks about him all the time.

chayes said...

Thanks for posting these adorable pictures! I really miss him! Machine gun kiss him for me!