14 January 2012

11 Months: Baby No More

Suddenly, Jude is a big tease.
His mannerisms seem so much older to me.
He has discovered he can scream, and screams for joy allllll day long.
It still makes me laugh, but I try not to egg him on.
He has some serious zeal for life.
He crawls around at break-neck speeds, blowing rasperries as he goes, mumbling his baby talk, growling,
and of course his famous machine-gun laugh.
Jude learned how to wave and now will perform his trick whenever he fancies.
Door stops are still his fave.
Along with food.
He was eating the same amounts of food for so many months, now that is just not going to do it.
He is throwing back a lot more of everything.
This makes me excited to switch to cow's milk in T-30 days!
I sneak in a bit here and there to make sure he's fine with the transition.
We are wearing regular shirts and pants whenever possible, because it's hard enough to change a diaper; getting him to hold still to snap him up afterward is like asking him to take the Louisiana Bar!
We are also done with bibs (he rips them right off; tied or velcro).
He's drooling a bit less, though, so that's nice. (Emphasis on "a bit".)
Jude loves his sippies, thank heavens!  I thought he'd never let go of the baba!
He wants to dive-bomb off the bed.
He puts his binky into Jeff's mouth and laughs his head off.
I'm starting to get a whiff of tantrums.
He loves BALLS.
He throws and then chases them around the house all day.
Must come from his Uncle Cameron :).
He has so much love to give.
We can't imagine life without him.

We are so grateful.


meredith conroy said...

shut up with that doorstop, hahahahahahaaaa. he has so much personality, i can tell! love that kiddo.

Alice said...

Isn't it funny how you wake up one morning and all of a sudden it seems like your baby got older over night! I love 11 months, it really starts to get so much more fun!