20 January 2012

Friday Night

* we are watching midnight in Paris AGAIN. It might be one of my all time favorites.
* Instagram is my new favorite thing. So much more positive than Facebook and 100% pictures of things my friends are up to. I'm staying faaaar, far away from Facebook. This is mainly because the political rants are driving me up the wall.
* Last Sunday we were sitting in church minding our own biz and Jude was standing on the bench making eyes at our friends sitting behind us, and then without warning, "Bleeeeereccchhchhxjchchjxhh". Jude regurgitated more than I ever knew he could fit into his tummy. Poor baby, poor callisters who also got barfed on, poor church pew. Then Jeff and I got the stomach flu Monday. I cannot even begin to say how worthless I am when I have the stomach flu. It turns me into a depressed banshee. It was actually sort of sweet in the end, though, the 3 of us flopped on the couch, and floor, guzzling Gatorade, Jude took extra naps snuggled with his dad, when he was up we let him play with my phone to keep him happy while we were heaving, and when we felt better we had French toast and watched the debate. Jeff gets a high 5 and a pat on the bum for reminding me about life's blessings while I was wishing I were dead on the bathroom floor :).
* anyway tonight we rented a carpet cleaner and shampooed the pew at the church so that the fine folk sitting on it in church Sunday don't have to wonder what that smell is....
And we had a grand old time so we shampooed our carpet at home. Don't be jealous, your time will come to shampoo your Friday night away.
* happy anniversary to us on Monday!

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Meredith said...

We just watched Midnight in Paris this last weekend too! I could seriously watch it every night and not get tired of it. The dialogue is so great. I hope it wins best picture...even though that's probably a long shot. Hope you are all feeling better!