05 January 2012

Christmas Day Pictures

Elizabeth has really learned more than a thing or two about photography.  We took family pictures on Christmas day, and I'm so glad.  The Eatons have never been diligent about family pictures, or Christmas cards, but Elizabeth and I are, and it was a huge sigh of relief to get this crossed off.  

The big Eaton pics are still being edited, but here are some of ours, the Hayes Chapter:

And here are some more, just for fun:


meredith conroy said...

you are so beautiful! but oh my gosh jude is killingggg me in the first picture. he's totally drunk. on love, i assume. gimme him!

chayes said...

These are so cute! Thanks for posting them all!

jocie said...

The photo of Jude eating Jeff's head is seriously fantastic. What a beautiful family you are.

Aly said...

Beautiful family pics! You look beautiful Merzy- as always and gee Jude sure has gotten huge- he's absolutely adorable. Did you get a new camera? I'm liking the photography skills.