07 June 2012

Some iPhone Dump of Jude

Per Mimi's request:

At the pool this morning with his friend Beckham.  We are so lucky with friends and pools. 
Hmmm.  Jude has taken to picking up bags and carrying them around like a purse.  Like mother like son?  Although after a few minutes he looks at it like it's this leach and "How did THIS get here???  Get it off of me!! Get it off!!!"

If you want to make Jude happy lie down on the floor.  I think he likes feeling like the big guy in town.  He also offers me some refreshment a la his sippy cup and is almost insistent when I try to gracefully decline.

"OOOOOoooooh I LOVE feeling big!!  Look at mom down there, so small and helpless!"

Having a nice chat with that handsome kid that's always showing up in front of mom and dad's closet at the same time he is.


Ha HA!!!  I finally found a way to baby proof this drawer, and the fireplace.  If you want to know which kind, just ask.  No holes need to be drilled and minimal inconvenience when the adults want to open the drawer.

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