07 June 2012

Things I'm Loving Lately

1. The Californians skits on SNL: Jeff and I can not stop watching them over and over and laughing our heads off.  Sometimes I talk to Jeff like Kristen Wigg's character.  What will we do without her?? Is she "off" SNL now???

2. Satellite Radio: With my car came a free 3 month trial of XM radio.  I am almost planning my errands around Dr. Laura's 11:00 a.m. show.  Mostly I love hearing her destroy her devout followers. I enjoy the dead silence after she pulverizes someone with a simple "Should you send your grandchildren birthday presents even though your daughter won't talk to you??  For goodness sake YES!  Sending birthday gifts is a nice thing to do!!  Why wouldn't you??" I also appreciate her traditional views and "No whining" attitude.

I also was listening to the Oprah radio channel the other day (it replays popular episodes) and found myself roped into an interview with an Indiana woman whose ex-abusive-husband tried to kill her, and nearly succeeded, and the officer who found her.  It was a very heroic and compelling story and just wrapping up when I returned home.  I had to know about the ex-husband's comeuppance.  At the time I was in the middle of refinishing a dresser in the garage, so I opened up all the car windows, cranked the volume, opened the garage door, and worked on the dresser a bit while I listened.  Unfortunately the officer went on and on about how to get out of an abusive relationship before depositing the story's final nugget.  I'm so glad all of our neighbors are at work all day or they'd probably assume Jeff beats me and that's why I was listening so faithfully.

3. This picture:

It popped up in my inbox the other day and I laughed big time.  Oh, engaged people.

4. This:

Actually, just kidding.  That's gross.  What is he, 60??  But I texted this screen shot to Jeff because when www.people.com deals with french no-lebrity news, he must be informed.  And I always love texting Jeff.

5. IKEA: We got 4 dining chairs and 2 barstools last Saturday for an Ikea price, and when Jude beats them to a pulp I won't pull my hair out.

6. I finally painted the back of the glass kitchen cabinets and am 150% pleased with the result.  It took very little time and $15 for the paint.  I just wanted the ceramics to not be lost in there.  Done and done.

7. This is the dresser I refinished while listening to Oprah:  

Darn it, no "before" picture.  It had been the lightest wood with ghastly handles.  These handles aren't amazing either but the holes weren't spaced in a standard fashion and these fit.  "Anthro" is just not going into the budget for this.  It's going into Jude's room once we get the energy to haul it upstairs.  I have decided I'm not crafty but I love refinishing furniture and painting large surfaces :).  So if I ever have a daughter I'll have to buy her headbands but her furniture will be enhanced and fancified by moi. 


[AnnieR] said...

Yes. Kristen Wiig is "off" SNL now. I totally cried when Mick sang Ruby Tuesday to her. I was in mourning a little bit for a couple of days afterward, actually. I felt like I was loosing a friend. Sigh. And yah, The Californians was hilarious. HILARIOUS.

Your cabinets look great and so do the drawers!

jocie said...

When I read your blog I think to myself, "We would totally be best friends if we lived on the same side of the country." Because I'm pretty positive we would be. And for the record, I paint my kids' furniture but buy their headbands.

Alice said...

SUCH A GREAT RED! I have so many refinishing projects, I need to just do them right?

Rachel said...

I LOVE that sketch on SNL!! And