29 December 2012

A Little Belated Christmas Tidbit

Ok so I was a ninny and forgot my camera at home, but don't worry, Michelle wasn't a ninny and remembered hers. I'll have some good shots of our holiday soon enough.

We got home in a flurry late last night because Jude was getting sick fast.  The poor boy was miserable.  The 3 of us were first at the doc's this morning and he's on some good old fashioned anti-biotics now.  We are getting the house put back together, Jude is taking a record-long sick nap, and I am uploading some of the tester pics I hastily took this afternoon with my splendid, new 50 mm lens!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I had to post these pictures of Jude and one of his presents we didn't haul to Utah:

The infamous Costco 53" plush bear.  So cheap, so the dream for a little child.  Baby brother may have one waiting in his nursery too.  He was giggling when we pulled it out and gave it a multitude of hugs. 
Look at that face fighting to enjoy life through the illness.  At least the green crusties are no longer completely bombarding his face.  Conjunctivitis and an ear infection had made this one so glassy and sad, but today he was being such a stud.  He has so much zest packed into his frame, he can't help but ham it up.  I never knew I could love a little boy so much.   

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