25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Hello, holiday pregnancy insomnia -- we meet again.

The fact that it is 4:51 am and I've been awake for the past 2 hours is probably partially to do with the fact that in just a couple of hours I get to witness first hand Jude's reaction to his remote control car. It's a bit above his age but I am pretty sure he's going to spaz out to unprecedented levels when he sees this big truck rolling all around at the remote controlled hands of his pop. Jeff might have also  been near excitement explosion when we tried it out tonight to make sure it worked. :)

On saturday at 2:45 am I woke up, brushed my little teeth, threw the cooler in th car, woke up my boys, and we departed for Utah. My reasoning behind the nocturnal road tripping was that this way Jude would sleep for 3, maybe 4 hours of the drive as opposed to 1.5 when he took his nap. The plan worked and while it was not 100% without whining, the drive went pretty smoothly. I stayed awake and got us to Primm while Jeff and Jude slept, and then he finished off the drive. I don't think it had occurred to Jude that his parents sleep too (and much more enthusiastically). When my pilot shift was over, I reclined the seat and snoozed like the dead while Jude watched some shows on the iPad strapped to the seat in front of him, and every time I groggily handed him back something he'd dropped or needed, he was looking at me with this curious and slightly bemused expression, like it was half silly and half crazy I was relishing in my rest so much, or even getting it all.

Utah has been fabulous. We have been blanketed in snow, Jude is having a blast with cousins, I've been intrigued by the cousin pecking order and dynamics that have emerged since the last visit, Stevens hot chocolate is the best in the world, and we've got friend and more family visits and outings coming up.  I'm so glad we are here.

And, since insomnia can make for rash decisions, I just ordered myself a DVD of Jane Eyre to help get me through the future all nighters with the baby that is currently kicking my insides. (Thanks to my dad we now get free amazon prime free shipping.)

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