04 April 2013

Graham: 2 months

These days, our Baby G:

- Gives us coy smiles and spunky smiles.
- Coos and squeals.
- Still sometimes arches his back and tucks his legs to his chest after eating or waking up, but that's fading away (sad face).
- is in the 90th percentile for weight and height, and 95th for his big old head.
- Two nights ago at 2 am I went to appease his cries for sustenance and woop!  He'd rolled over.  This means he's somewhat mobile now.  I am not really excited about that.
- Kickkickkickkickkicks and waves his arms around constantly.  It reminds me of his big brother.
- Has buttermilk skin.  This is how we expected Jude's skin tone to be, but I think the olive-ish base my sisters have snuck into big brother's genes. 
- He's rocking the male pattern baldness right now.  There's fuzz filling in.
- He still sleeps through all the noise in the world during the day.  But he still has been waking up 2 - 3 times a night, and I'm dragging because of it.  At his 2 month check up yesterday, I told the doc I was planning on pulling the plug at 3 months.  He encouraged me to wait until 4 months to stop feeding him at night (if he wants to).  However, he did say Graham might start sleeping through the night before then on his own, but to help that along I need to put him in his crib at night awake, and then I should make him wait 5 - 10 minutes before going to him when he cries in the middle of the night.  So last night at about 9:00 I fed him, got him all set for slumber, sang him a song or two from the glider, and put him in his crib.  It took him a few minutes to become sad, then cried like crazy for about 20 minutes, and then was sawing logs.  He didn't wake up until about 4 am!!!  And then at about 8 when the rest of us woke up, he was still out.  I woke him up, and he gave me a huge grin when he opened his eyes.  This child is so easy going.  I can handle 20 minutes of sorrow.  Jude cried for 3 hours the first time I denied him a nocturnal snack.  It doesn't matter, because either way we believe in sleep training, and Jude's personality is just very stubborn which will serve him well in many ways in life, but I appreciate the swift end to last night's crying session.  
And tonight, he didn't cry at all.  
- I've given him a pumped bottle or two and he takes it, no problem.  Our boys don't seem to care where their dairy is coming from, as long as it comes.
- I'm very happy that I've been able to keep him fed and fat with just nursing.  With Jude I was a little cavalier with my milk supply and gave him formula when convenient but never pumped.  That really did a doozy on nursing long term.  I really want to try to make it a year.  If I can't, that's ok, but I want to try.  
- We have loads of nick names for him, among them Graham Graham, G, The Cracker, Graham Cracker, G-dizz, The Lion, and that's all I can think of right now.
- He tolerates Jude's violent affection fairly well.
- He's not exactly on a nap schedule yet, and one of my friends asked if I ever am dying for time when both kids are sleeping.  Graham isn't really work right now, and I LOOOOOVE having one on one with him.  He'll probably start to want 2 regular naps before I'm wanting that 100% alone time.
- He's a bucket of squish and love and I can't believe he's mine.

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