02 April 2013


For Jude's 2nd birthday I actually pulled through and threw him a party!  It was easier to do because I shared the duties with Lyla's family.

Sometimes Ladera Ranch is more CUTE than I can bear, but cute does come with a lot of parks.  We sent out an evite, reserved the gazebo at a neighborhood park for $25, got a decoration package from Minted, brought drinks and homemade cupcakes.  Really, I feel like we simplified almost as much as we could.  The decoration package was probably the best part.  I have thrown tons of bridal and baby showers in the last few years, and each time I wander Target aisles trying to piece together decorations that are cute, cohesive, and cost effective.  I never really feel like I nail it.  With the Minted decorations, it looked way better than anything I would have thrown together, and cost less than what I've done in the past.  

Then the park aspect worked for everyone.  I got anxiety just thinking about trying to get a group of toddlers to participate in, let alone enjoy organized games.  This way, the parents chatted, and the piglets roamed their park turf.  

Jude had a great time, I let him eat as many cupcakes as he wanted, and really, Jeff and I felt lots of love and support from friends and family as we celebrated our babies.  I can't believe I've been a mom for over 2 years now.  Good days, bad days, I always know I'm in the middle of my absolute favorite thing.  Being a mom makes me happy.

You won't believe how much sugar was on the inside and outside of my son this day.  He's like me and is really in it for the frosting.  The cake can go to blazes.

Nursing G at a park is so much fun.  At least I'm not as uncomfortable as I was with Jude.

My dad was out of town, but Mimi made it.  Jude saw her before I did, ran over and into her arms.


Singing the birthday song pulled a sweet bashful smile onto his face. 

"Do I have something on my face?  There, did I get it?  No? How about now?"

Here they were taking turns leaning down to Graham in his car seat and saying, "HI!!" Then belly laughs ensued after a few rounds, because duh that is hilarious stuff!

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