18 June 2013

Eaton Family Reunion 2013

Over Memorial Day weekend, the Eaton family had its first Family Reunion in Duck Creek (Crick?), Utah.  It was strange that we've arrived at this phase of life, but it was so much fun, I'm glad we're here. Here are some pics:

I always catch Harry giving Sarah the most adoring looks.  Loooove is a many splendored thiiiiiing.  This is how they can often be found: sharing a couch and reading.

Classic mom.

Ian's presence turned Jude into a much more independent tike.  Usually Jude wants me to be in his line of vision at all times.  After this family reunion, he's much more comfortable to go play in the backyard or at the park without me at his heels.  They had so much fun throwing things off this deck to the ground (or parked cars) below (like about 7 cans of Coke Zero and tons of Hot Wheels), riding their cars, sliding, and engaging in other forms of mischief.

I had a box full of jewelry I hadn't opened in about 3 years, so I brought it and let my nieces Sadie and Julia have at it.  Who's their favorite aunt now??  Holler!

Of course we dibble dabbled in hair and nails.  Kacie's blonde hair is inspiring me to lighten mine....
Also I did some bomb manicures and pedicures on Sadie and Julia (also why I'm the favorite aunt -- holler!).

Cozy naps.  I could go for one right now.

We had a brief run with Family Olympics.  I was "in charge" and hacked 2 events from my SIL Angie from my OTHER family's Family Reunion in St. Jorge last summer.  Yes, only 2 events.  And they were the only ones involving food.  But the wood floor in the cabin would've resulted in some broken angles (and beyond) if we'd done a gunny sack race, and also, I'm lazy (or tired and busy). 

So we did a donut eating contest, one round with the big kids (Sam, Sadie, and Julia), and one with little kids (Jude and Ian).  We picked up the donuts in Cedar City right before we went up the mountain to Duck Creek, and since we were close to the end of the drive and the kids were getting cranky, Jeff offered to run in and get them while we kept the kids contained in the car.  He came out with a box of very fancy and glorious donuts, and since there were some without holes and thus couldn't be strung up, the adults had their own "contest" after.  And when I say "contest" I mean we enjoyed them without any strings attached.  And in true Eaton girl fashion, about each of those donuts were siphoned away at until they were gone.  Because things don't have as many calories when you only cut a piece off every 7-20 minutes.  The other event was blowing bubbles with frozen Bazooka gum.  Kris won that one -- the prize was the rest of the bag of Bazooka :).  

Sam won this event.  He's a 10 year old boy with a 6'6" dad and 5'10" mom.  His scarfing skills are well-honed.

I love my Sadie girl.

Cameron, if I had a nickel for every time you pulled this face in a picture last-minute, I'd buy a house in Bermuda and only let you visit if you promised to never pull this face in a picture ever again.

Jammy time.  And then Jeff and I can sit down time, because bedtime is just around the river bend.

Donut Eating Contest for the little kids: hilarious and cute.  They were thrilled at what was before them, puzzled for its presentation, and then annoyed that it made life difficult.  Cheating quickly happened and obviously no one cared.

Your donut ship will come in, my child.  

I never had to look very far for someone to hold and entertain G while I had to go do _____.

I always felt bad for Elizabeth's kids being so much older than any other cousins, because they'd get so bored at reunions.  Actually, all of the big kids are very good with babies and Jude, and they give such sweet attention, they never acted bored or put out.

Twins!  And I have to give props to Aunt E: Jude woke up anywhere between 5:30 (so 4:30 California time) and 6:00 each morning.  Since all 4 of us were in the same room, he'd wake up and be like, "Oh YES!  There's mom and dad; they can't hide now!  Party time!"  And since he'd wake up Graham if I let him cry for any amount of time, I had to appease him.  Each morning when Elizabeth heard my pitter patterings in the main room, instead of barking to keep it down from her own room (which would've been fair/understandable), she'd mosey on up to help me.  She'd help me put on movies, get breakfast for Jude, bring me a Diet Coke, etc.  If it were me I'd have taken the sleep :).  Thanks Elizabeth!  And also, then we got more time to talk.

Mom, J, and Kacie post-church.  We went to a local Branch which was so highly attended that day we were put in an "overflow room" down the hall from the chapel with the meeting coming through the intercom.  We were all dying laughing during every hymn because the organist was playing like a death march and every time we'd finish a verse, we'd realize everyone else in the chapel was at least a line behind us. 

Who wouldn't want this guy fighting Orange County fires??  (That's his career plan -- and I think based on this picture alone he could get a job at any station he pleases.)

I could not love him more.

Motherhood looks good on you, Sar!

And here's the whole kit and caboodle!  A bunch of people I love to love.  Until next time!  And thanks, Reynolds Fam, for letting us use your awesome cabin!

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