18 June 2013

Melissa's Bridal Shower

My friend Melissa got MARRIEEEED!!!!  I can't remember when I've been so excited for a non-family wedding.  This girl has been through it, and after some rough trials in her life, so many wonderful things have fallen into place.  The wedding was a couple of weeks ago, and every time I see her pop up on Instagram, my heart sort of swells because she is GLOWING.  More to come on the wedding, but we loved hosting this bash at my house.  Lisa and I have done 7 (or 8?) showers together in the last 2.5 years, and the next one is up in August or September!  We are getting a system down that helps cut unnecessary costs, my house is a pretty good central location since we're typically inviting people that live anywhere from LA to San Diego, and we love to shower people for whatever event needs showering.  I used to feel embarrassed or guilty when I'd be on the receiving end of a shower.  It's a lot of attention and I'd feel bad for putting people out.  But now I've realized it's GREAT to be on the hosting end!  It's GREAT to attend these things!  It is gratifying to know that someone is getting an easier start to motherhood or marriage, and of course to feel some of that love from friends and family as the big day draws close.  

And that is how I feel about Bridal and Baby Showers.  Happy Shower, Mel.  We ALL love you.

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