07 July 2013

Father's Day

I knew a girl named Courtney who once was talking about her "amazing" brother-in-law.  She hoped to one day find a guy as nice as he is, and to prove just how far his niceness extended, she told a quick story.  "Once we were all sitting playing a board game while their toddler Annie took a nap, and all of a sudden he shakes his head and says, 'Isn't Annie the best?'" And that DID sound awesome!  A dad so whipped he couldn't even take his mind off his little piglet while she took a little siesta.  And I thought to myself, "Sheesh, I hope I can find a guy like that!"

Well folks, I did.

Jeff does not stop talking about how cute our kids are, how much he loves them, and how happy he is that we have them.  While they're sleeping he says he wants to go give them hugs and wants to play with them.  He is completely owned by them.  Jude was asking to "Go go" at like 6:15 yesterday when I was starting to get ready for him to go night night.  But such is the whippedness of Jude's father, Jeff looked at me and asked, "How do you ever say no to this guy?  Look at that face??"  (Jude was, I'll admit, pulling his best puppy eyes and had his ample bottom lip in a barely-there pout.)  I am definitely the bad cop. :)

I will say, though, that when Jeff was on paternity leave I was taking a nap with brand-new Graham up in our room and after a little while I woke up to Jeff saying loudly and sternly downstairs, "NO, Jude, NO NO."  I don't even remember what it was about, but I chuckled to myself and was pleased that Jeff was realizing that our firstborn can, in fact, push buttons and/or be naughty.

Anyway, since Jeff is as loving, affectionate, patient, all-around caring Dad as ever shuffled the Earth, I love Father's Day.  This year it was filled with the staples, breakfast, a good dinner (in LA with my parents and Sarah+Harry), and urging Jeff to put his feet up, etc., but I hope this guy feels appreciated and loved every day, because we do.

Happy Father's Day to a good one.  Here's to the materialization of the husband and father I dreamed of with Courtney back in 2006.

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jocie said...

Jeff is indeed good people.