03 July 2013

Graham: 5 months

  • He is completely in that chubby, rolling, gurgling, squealing, sticking-your-legs-in-the-air, swatting, chewing, drooling, grabbing baby phase.  Slush and gush.  He especially loves to chew on fabric.  The cotton on his binky clip, blankets, burp cloths, my shirt, he wants to shove it all into his mouth and gnaw and hum.
  • His name is finally anchoring.  I feel like Jude and Graham's names have been what we wanted, but it isn't until some time has gone by that I feel the name truly attaches.  I remember calling Jude "baby" a lot in the beginning.  The past couple of weeks I see him and the name "Graham" at the same time.  Does that make any sense?
  • He reminds me of Jack-Jack on The Incredibles.  There will be some level of chaos going on around him but he is just smiling, laughing, and drooling through it all.  Like Jude's tantrums are this hilarious joke and he just is so excited to have a front row seat!!  Which makes sense, because they are so totally fun!
  • He snores like an old, old man.
  • If you get any part of you close to his arms or hands, he coils around it fast and death-grip-tight. If I reach behind in the car to put his binky in, suddenly my wrist is on lock-down.  I love it.  He just wants us close.
  • This is coming to an end, but even if he is not tired, if you lie down with him and face him, your head right next to his, and close your eyes, he'll go to sleep too.  He just wants to go along with what's going on.
  • Last week Jude was standing next to him pointing upwards and downwards and saying, "Up, down, up, down" and Graham was laughing hysterically.  Clearly he is easily amused -- a true Eaton trait if ever I knew one.
  • Sometimes I rock him to sleep and get teary-eyed over this unicorn baby in my life.  He is so sweet, we can't do anything but love him.  
Next month is that crazy milestone of solids and "big binkies" -- say what?

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