06 August 2013

A couple of Jude things

  • He's such a softy.  A few days ago I was hoisting him into his car seat and he bit my shoulder while in a zerbert/tackle moment.  I know he didn't mean to hurt me, but hurt it did, and I said, "Ouch!" and put my bottom lip out into a sad face.  Seeing my reaction, he burst into tears, big fat ones, and started saying through sobs, "Mommy hug!"  This is one of the reasons I love having boys -- they are so rough and burdened by excessive energy, but then they turn around and show overwhelming sweetness. 
  • Yesterday we had a contractor (named Sam) come to give us a bid on installing some moulding in one of our rooms.  Once Sam got his tape measure out, Jude high-tailed it out of the room and downstairs.  I didn't need to ask where he was going; in a flash he was back with a tape measure.  He was copying Sam "measuring" spaces, and when Sam was done and clipped his tape measure to his pocket, Jude asked me to help him do the same.  He was looking at Sam with an expression of timidity and awe.  So funny.  And when Sam asked Jude what his name was, he answered, "Bob."  I could not stop laughing; I think he was telling him he was Bob the Builder (even though we haven't watched that show in a looong time).  
  • I got a gift card to a juice bar for my birthday and yesterday I cashed in on it.  While we waited for my toxin-flush drink to be made, Jude found a pamphlet to a local gym (owned by one of the Real Housewives of OC, so it must be amaaaaazing).  On the cover of the pamphlet, a body builder man was showing off his shiny physique.  Jude pointed and exclaimed, "DADDY!"  
  • He's learned the hard way in the last 24 hours why we are always telling him to be careful on the ladders at the park, while climbing the stairs at home, and why he can't stand on a chair while eating a meal.  He's fine, just a little ego-bruised and bodily bruised.
2 and a half years old this month!

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