02 August 2013

Graham: 6 Months

He's a big 6 months.
He weighs 19 lbs, the weight of the average 1 year old.
He's off the growth charts for length and head circumference.
This stuff mattered to me a lot more with Jude, I really wanted him to be big so I could have physical proof that I was doing my job in helping him thrive, but I'm not taking it all so personally because I realized babies are all hitting their growth spurts at different times.  Some check ups Jude is in the 90th percentile, some check ups he's in the 50th.  Right now he's in the 75th.  But Graham has always been a big, fatty toasted cheeser.  My left bicep muscle is becoming quite impressive.  He's 1 lb away from outgrowing his infant car seat.  He eats so much I can't keep up and have to supplement with a bottle of formula (or two) a day.  I started him on solid foods last week and he kicks and grabs for it when he sees it coming.  

In about every other way, he's up to the same old tricks.  Playing with and staring at his hands, figuring out how to put in his binky, drooling, giggling, marveling at his brother, growling, cough-laughing, sucking on his lips, and swatting.  He's still an easy-going bright spot in my life, a truly selfless soul.  I love him.

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