02 December 2013

Graham: 10 Months

He is more rascally every day.

His hair is getting curly.

He is climbing up to standing and holding onto things.

He and Jude look at each other, open their mouths wide, and just yell "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" at the top of their lungs.  I've said it before, I'll say it again, my ears hurt by the end of the day!  I try my best to redirect their attention, but even so, the volume is often a little more than I can handle.

He is constantly needing to eat.

He is also constantly smiling and squealing.

One thing I love about this age is how they talk to themselves.  He'll pick up an enticing object, and as he babbles "Da da da da" he'll go from a normal talking voice to a whisper and back again while he figures it out.  Like he's Indiana Jones entering a Mayan cave or something.  So charming.

He started clapping last week and it's the cutest thing.

Ear ache #2 hit today, and it's pretty discouraging.  He loves the water so much, I don't want him to need tubes like Juju.  While taking a bath he'll dive around the tub, rolling and swishing around like a fat fish, so completely happy!  He also practically does snow angels in the sand at the park -- he and Jude have a zeal for life that I find completely admirable.  :)

Graham has been so easy going, but there have been a few moments of temper flaring that have caught me off guard and are kind of funny.  I was trying to change his diaper and in true crawling infant fashion, he was trying to escape.  I had him pinned down in a way and after struggling and griping for a bit he balled his hands into little squishy fists and punched his tummy and grunted as loud as he could three times, "UHH!!"  He was so sick of it and so mad.  Again, I had to laugh!  My mom says it's good -- everyone needs to have their limits and a little fire in em.  Just as long as he doesn't do that every time I tell him to pick up his dirty socks off the floor in a few years.

Please tell me that his 1st birthday isn't just 2 months away.

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