17 November 2013

Girls' Weekend

I was a lucky duck and in late September, I went on a "Girls' Weekend".  My friends Lisa, Amber, Sarah and I spent (almost) a weekend at Sarah's in-laws' beach-side condo in San Clemente.

We got there Friday night, went to dinner, and then back at the condo stayed up late applying face masks and eating the best chocolate chip cookies, dough prepared for us by Sarah's husband Dave.  Seriously?  This family set us up.  Anyway then I slept like a rock and slept in.  We lazed about.  We debated a few activities and ended up within spitting distance of my house: The Mission Viejo Mall.  Then we got our nails did and went back to the condo for more laziness.  By the end of the evening we were all sitting on the balcony, and instead of staring at the beautiful Pacific that was before us, we were on our phones looking at old archived pictures of our kids.  Lots of declarations of "oh I can't believe how small he was!" were heard.  

I was still nursing so I went home Saturday night.  It was great to get away, and great to see my 3 babies again.  I never knew how much I would appreciate the time away until I had it.  I love my kids, but a day without anyone throwing a tantrum or demanding I fill up a sippy RIGHTAWAYWHY ISN'TITALREADYFULLIASKEDYOUONESECONDAGO or throwing up on me was kinda nice. Plus I love my girlfriends.  They make me laugh, don't judge me, encourage me, etc. so obviously I'm a lucky girl.  

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jocie said...

It makes me happy that you got away. Gearing up for a weekend away myself. You've given me hope. :)